Wednesday, June 17, 2009

JoCeLyN's wOrLd rEcOrd!!

JoCeLyN's wOrLd rEcOrd

1)Didnt update blog for...2 months??!!!
story:hehe~ did anyone realize that I didnt update my blog 4 so long?? bcoz of the assignments + exams that keep coming 2 dun have...TIME!(actually is bcoz im lazy~~haha)≧▽≦

2)Didnt sleep for.....30++ hours???!!!! ̄□ ̄
story: haha~i really didnt sleep for 30 hours last night~not even a nap~
bcpz 2day was my psy exam n i really wan 2 do it well...n i'm those 'very last minute' type..therefore i hav 2 study the whole night b4 the exam...
n i dun think it helps...coz it caused me nausea n dizziness...TT_TT
but it was really a miracle bcoz i love sleeping~~

3)TWO coffee in ONE day??!!! ̄□ ̄
FYI...I hav a super sweet tooth~ I love chocolate,cake,ice-cream bla bla bla...≧▽≦
therefore...the taste that i HATE the most is...qiang qiang qiang qiang-Bitter!! (╬ ̄皿 ̄)coffee n dark chocolate is categorised into it...
it is really a miracle that i will drink one drop of coffee...2 cups of coffee?not a chance~but for my psy i dun hav a choice...TT_TT
but coffee really helps a lot~it walked me through 30 hours consciously~~(i guess~)
the feeling is weird when u r drinking coffee n the book that u r reading is mentioning how caffeine affect ur body....╮( ̄▽ ̄")╭

that's all 4 2day....
To be continued...SOON~(neh~impossible~)╮( ̄▽ ̄")╭

Tuesday, April 21, 2009


Yea~2day is the first time I drove to uni ALONE!!!!!!
n it was really a BIG challenge for me!!
since my 'poor' driving skill...╮( ̄▽ ̄")╭
but overall,it was ok and scary...
n some1 did beep me..sad sad...
but i'll try my best not to trouble others!!TT_TT

The message below is very crucial! Please read it carefully!!

If u guys saw a green Myvi with 9777 number plate on the road

That car might trouble you in certain way, either the speed or driving skill

but...Please! Please dun beep that car to relieve you anger!!

n dun say bad word about the driver at the back!!

Plz forgive her conduct~

I'll appreciate~

Thursday, March 19, 2009

Best movie of this month!!

yeah~~race to witch mountain rocks!!
i hav dubbed it as the Best Movie of this month!
hav u guys seen b4 Pacifier & Game Plan??
if u love that u will definitely love this movie 2~~≧ω≦

'The Rock' is sooooo funny man~~love him!
he always deal with kids in movie~n the gal with blonde hair and grey eyes is so pretty~(she is the gal in charlie n the chocolate factory,has any1 realize that?)
n its so coool 2 hav superpowers~i wish i can hav that 2~≧ω≦

ther is 1 more reason that i like this movie is bcoz recently i hav watched a few 'violence' movies which i cant really stand it..
its like showing the evil part of this world...n they do pull my thoughts to some sort of negative side...n luckily this movie throw me a lifesaver when im drowned~n those funny scene cheer me up!(emo guy can try this!)
no killing...PEACE!★☆≧▽≦☆★

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Jocelyn = dancing?? NO!!!

can u relate Jocelyn wit dancing??NO right?
but i make it a yes!!!

yeah~yesterday went to a...HIP HOP workshop!!!ya! hip hop!!
haha~recently feel like doing something special n hip hop is chosen!!
n do u guys know who i met ther?an unexpectable guy...Chuan Shinn!!!
omg~i really shock when i saw him with Susan~

act its quite fun when u're dancing....
but im the worst among them...i cant really catch up those steps...but others can...y??!!haha~mayb im not so talented in dancing~but nvm~i'll juz try my best~wish me good luck guys!
n after the workshop i decided 2 join that club as well~coz i enjoy the feeling when u finish a routine~its great!!

by the way...i oso join nature society...its like 'appreciate' the nature in Malaysia through expedition~cool right?

p/s:I oso never thought that i would join these 2 clubs...but uni is like doing something diff right?r u guys shock?hehe~

Sunday, March 15, 2009

i love superheroes!! but not watchmen!!

yesterday my sis invited me 4 a movie named 'Watchmen' n she told me is bout!superheroes,i love superheroes!so i agreed~
after the movie...i think i made a wrg decision...╮( ̄▽ ̄")╭

ok..b4 the movie starts...i did a stupid thing again...╮( ̄▽ ̄")╭
coz our seats r right in the middle that means u hav 2 pass through some ppl b4 u reach ur seats...therfore..while i was passing,i stumbled(i think my legs crossed) n fell on an empty seat behind me...ok,it was not 2 bad at least it doesnt hurts...
however!! ther r some guys bside the empty seat...n i heard their conversation(im juz bside them k?cant they juz talk bout it later?)(╬ ̄皿 ̄)
Unknown A:hey!what u did?
Unknown B:I dono!
then i heard they laugh at embarrassing!!!!!n they r so mean...>﹏<|||

ok..nvm...i was ther 4 movie..i juz ignore this incident~
but the movie hurts me again...what a bad night...>﹏<|||

ok...this movie...i really no idea how should i comment bout it...lets the circumstances answer that...
n the cinema was freezing that night!i feel like watching a movie in the North Pole!we were all shivering inside the cinema...izit the air-conditioner's prob or the number of ppl?im not sure...
bout half of the movie,i saw some ppl leaving... ̄□ ̄haha~i know it is bored~
n when the movie is bout to end(u usually can get some clue frm the movie),n the credits havent show up,i saw almost the entire ppl r escaping in a some sort of speed~omg!when i turn over my head,all seats r empty!seriously empty! ̄□ ̄
so guys ,i guess u can know how"interesting"is that movie
by the way...the only comment i can get frm my sis is"无言"~haha~╮( ̄▽ ̄")╭

guys...if u r going 4 this movie!pls meditate b4 u do so!

Thursday, March 12, 2009

mYoTeE!! create ur own avatar!

recently baba introduced me a website 2 me which u can create ur own avatar~
its so fun n sooo cute!!!
so i cant stop my hand by creating lots of cute character!≧▽≦

this is specially designed by baba~its me!≧▽≦

these r specially 4 our 4 so group!
tis is so white!she wil b the prettiest doctor in the future!!
ganbate ne!sharon!

obviously tis is an indian...
aiyo~nolar~this is our Miss.Shorty or should i say Miss.Darky??
hmm~r u guys curious y is she in tis baby look?
coz she acts like a baby!so cute!

pls welcome so oily!!
its a weird look i know~its bcoz 'small dragon gal'is her favourite charaacter n her favourite scene is when the blood splash out!gosh!!
so im putting is outfit 4 her~

n the final 1! me!!! in the devil oufit...
bcoz im Devil!!!o(‵▽′)ψ

Lastly i would like 2 show u guys something special~
i know its awful n disgusting~~╮( ̄▽ ̄")╭

Monday, March 2, 2009

campus life!!!!

finally i'm the Monash student~
hmm~last week was orientation~
since i attempted to b a good student,i attended all the talk except 4 the mOlympic games which is the monash sports day~≧▽≦

overview the campus..i can say that it is really big n nice~(that's y the fees r high~)≧▽≦
n the most fantastic thing is...The Elevator!(which doesnt exist in Taylor main campus)~yeah..i used it even my destination is at 1st floor~(lazy ppl do so)≧▽≦
In the campus tour,i've oso found out some great places~
a big balcony which oso known as couples area~
a cool studio 4 broadcasting like those we saw in TV~
a triple story library which u can bring all ur stuff inside included ur drinking water~(its great coz in taylors u r not allowed 2 do so )
a big car park 4 visitors n students(but it charge rm2 per day T.T)
a computer lab full with Mac computers!
n oso my favourite...1901 hot dog stall!!≧▽≦

'university is not only study but more than that...'
this is what they told me in the orientation~~
n in the 1st day..
i've been informed that ther r a beach party in port dickson i think~
i guess i'll have a lot of fun in here~ ≧▽≦

I oso met some new friends during the orientation~
it's so nice 2 meet u guys!!≧▽≦
and ther r also some international students~
it's nice 2 know ppl frm diff parts of Earth~
however the main language is English!which im nt very good at it..T.T
mayb this is a good start 4 me b4 i go 2 aus~gambate!!!

however...the reality come 2 me after the orientation week...
during the briefing about courses n assignments!!!oh my god...
the lecturers r not spoon feeding us like they used 2 be in foundation...
so we hav 2 b independant n do our assignment ourselves...
n...i muz hav critical thinking in my essays!!omg! ̄□ ̄
i'm so worry bout my assignments...mayb i should start preparing frm now...
no attendance will be marked!!!this is the only good part of it...

by the way,
im taking psychology,communication,film studies n music...
n i know that i muz try my best in every subject and exam..oh ya!!
n oso enjoy campus life!!≧ω≦